Game Lore for “Faet” the first game to be connected with the Faet Blockchain.

The Age of the Mists, Before the Cataclysm (Year 0)

Long ago the world of Mordavia was covered in a thick mist. This was known as the “The Age of the Mists”, a time of mythic beings and legendary deeds. Any who lived within the magic gray mist was said to be given divine powers over the world and the magi within it.

The wonder of Creation was at its zenith; there was no death from natural causes or old age and there was unlimited potential for magical discovery and progress.

So wondrous was this age, that even young children wielded incredible magics, easily casting epic rituals and spells that Grand-Masters of today would struggle to comprehend.

The most accomplished of all casters were the groups of Human Grand-Masters of each School of Magic, the self-claimed “Solomonari” or “Enlightened Ones”, who, in an incredibly short time, mastered abilities that took the ancient Elves and Demons generations to learn.

The Solominari were so powerful that the only restrictions on their accomplishments was their own imagination.

Unfortunately, their curiosity for power lead them to discover powerful death magic known as Necromancy. A great war that engulfed the whole world broke out between the Necromancer Solomonari and the rest of their brethren.

The war was fought over an ancient artifact made of magical gemstones known as “The Last Gate.” It was said to be capable of teleporting people through a network of connected gateways that could lead to distant worlds, and even the realm of the Gods themselves.

The war raged on for years, but ended in an instant with a great explosion of unfathomable power which annihilated the Solomonari, the majority of sentient life, and even most of the known world.

The once pervasive mist was transformed into a magical vortex which swirls around the center, within
which the only survivors now gathered. This vortex of mist became known as “A’Tul” and the land within it, “Mordavia.” The event itself is known as “The Cataclysm” and ended the “Age of the Mists.”

Over 2000 years later, the world is a broken shadow of it’s former glory. Over those years several city states and factions have emerged across the land and are now vying for power over limited resources. None dare enter the A’tul that surrounds the known world because anyone who enters the mist is said to never be able to return – alive. Even worse, terrible monsters are known to come from the mist and wander deep into Mordavia.

Most written record from the Age of the Mist has been lost to time but evidence of the ancient world can be still found in ancient battle fields and long lost ruins. Many powerful factions attempt to find these ancient places seeking knowledge, magic, and weapons of war but these great powers require a constant supply of fuel.

Magical gemstones are used to power the ancient magic and powerful artifacts from before the Cataclysm. Things that come in contact with these gemstones can mutate into terrible abominations or gain uncontrollable magical powers making hunting for them very dangerous.

Luckily, there are many adventurers willing to risk their lives for coin and fame as they seek to fulfill the endless demand for magical gemstones of all types. So, countless guilds accepted contracts from the nobility across the land

Now, in the center of Mordavia, the The Last Gate has been rediscovered in the center of Mordavia. The ancient prophesies state that this means another Cataclysm is inevitable. With the Mist slowly encroaching, city states ready for war, and unknown terrors to be released from the Last Gate, it seems like the end for Mordavia.

Luckily, there is hope!

A special type of adventurer known as an Heroic Souls is able to use the Last Gate to travel to distant worlds and even hidden, secret places, in between. Heroic Souls also have the power of freewill, able to defy the gods and deny the prophesies – or embrace them.