The roadmap is segmented into phases. The first Phase of the Faet Roadmap is further segmented into milestones. The first milestone begins with the initial founding and ends with the launch of the Faet Blockchain on a live mainnet.

Milestone 1 – Setup
Milestone 2 – MVP
Milestone 3 – Development (Testnet)
Milestone 4 – Launch (Mainnet)

Upon completion of the First Phase and mainnet launch an extensive list of additional roadmap goals will be reassessed and prioritized.

Milestone 1 – Genesis

  • Acceptance into the Lisk Accelerator Program.

Milestone 2 – Testnet

  • Release of the Faet Blockchain Testnet for public testing.

Milestone 3 – Mainnet

  • Launch of the mainnet of the Faet Blockchain. No turning back.

Milestone 4 – Breakout

  • Scaling the Faet Blockchain to reach 100,000+ users and beyond!