The roadmap is segmented into phases. The first Phase of the Faet Roadmap is further segmented into milestones which begin with the initial development, planning, and “proof of concept” for Faet.

Phase 1: MVP

Milestone 1 – Blockchain Alphanet, RPG Maker Game Integration
Milestone 2 – UI and UX Improvements
Milestone 3 – Testnet
Milestone 4 – Final Improvements and Mainnet launch

Upon completion of the First Phase and mainnet launch an extensive list of additional roadmap goals will be reassessed and prioritized.

Milestone 1 – Alphanet (Complete)

  • Initial blockchain launched and integrated into a distributable desktop game file. We learned a lot of lessons and this milestone was a total success!

Milestone 2 – UI and UX Improvements

  • Password Encryption and Saved games utilizing Faet wallet passphrases.
  • Integrate Base64 images and game meta data into the Faet NFT Module.
  • Compile NFT image and inject NFT meta data into the game database.

Milestone 3 – Testnet Launch

  • Launch Faet Testnet for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Milestone 4 – Mainnet Approach

  • Launch the Faet Blockchain on Mainnet.