The Faet Blockchain

Where Web2 gaming ends and web3 begins

The Faet Blockchain is built with the Lisk SDK.

A New Type of Blockchain

Faet is a Metaverse Engine used to create, secure, and access the Faet Metaverse.

About Faet

Faet Studios is a participant of the Lisk Grant Program. Faet is written in JavaScript and built with the Lisk Sidechain Development Kit. The goal of Faet Studios is to test the capabilities of Lisk while creating a fun and exciting metaverse for players to experience. Additionally, players will be able to monetize their time by earning crypto tokens and NFTs unique to the Faet Metaverse. With Lisk, Faet will have interoperability with other blockchains as well, allowing Players to use all of their prized NFTs when they play in the Faet Metaverse.

The Faet Blockchain is built with the Lisk SDK.

The Faet of the Metaverse

Take Faet into your own hands as you experience the future of blockchain gaming.

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