Faet is building the “Steam” of Web 3. The Faet blockchain provides developers tools to connect games, built with popular engines, to the Lisk Ecosystem. Through interoperobility, Faet will connect users and devlopers to the entire blockchain industry and all of Web 3.

After years of development Lisk has completed the much anticipated Sapphire Phase. With the cultivation of a new ecosystem of interconnected blockchains Lisk will join the ranks of popular “Layer 1” blockchain application platforms such as Avalanche, Cosmos, and Polkadot.

Earlier this year, Lisk announced the release of the Lisk SDK 6.0 which allows users to access the full power of the Lisk ecosystem. This release allowed the Faet team to move into serious development of the Faet Blockchain, a sidechain connected to the Lisk ecosystem.

Now, alongside Lisks historic upgrade to Core 4.0 and sidechain interoperobility, the Faet team is excited to announce the completion of our first major milestone as we continue our journey to create a the largest blockchain gaming platform in the entire web3 industry.

Faet Blockchain MVP

The first game engine that Faet will connect to is RPGMaker. This is a popular game engine that allows users to create iconic Japanese style roleplaying games (JRPGs).

Utilizing custom plugins, developers are able to implement blockchain features into their games that can then be easily distributed as browser, app, or web 3 games.

With Faet, developers are able to easily create games utilizing their favorite game engines while also providing their users access to many popular features of Web 3 and Blockchain based games. This includes the ability to send and receive quick and cheap micro transactions to purchase or mint in-game digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can also be traded or sold.

Faet also includes a robust governance system which allows players to vote for their favorite game developers and participate in the development of the blockchain itself. Indeed, the goal of Faet is to focus on a community of gamers and game developers and this is just the beginning.

The Faet Team

Beginning in 2024 the Faet team will be moving into fulltime development and production of the Faet Blockchain. For the Faet team, this is only the beginning of a great journey and we invite you to join us. Our next milestone will be a public testnet followed by our mainnet inevitable mainnet launch.

To help make this dream a reality, a small but dedicated team has been assembled to deliver this new blockchain. The team has been involved with cryptocurrency since 2013. With years of training and experience in software development, game design, marketing, navigating legal hurdles, and business management the team is well positioned to launch a new and successful project as part of the lisk blockchain.

We look forward to having you along with us for this amazing journey. Thanks for reading!

Milestone Submission:

Github: https://github.com/Faet-Blockchain/FaetMVP

Windows Desktop Demo: FaetMVP.7z

Demo Video: faet.mp4